The Magical Paper by Luke

One day I was walking home from school. An old man walked up to me and said here is a magical piece of paper. That whatever you write on it comes true. So when I got home I thought so, what should I write on this page? I decided on writing me with super powers but it didn’t come true so I thought it was fake but then I shot lasers from my eyes! Then I wrote I am going to the moon. I was then on the moon. I could breathe somehow. Now I live on the moon.

One thought on “The Magical Paper by Luke”

  1. What an imaginative use of this week’s prompt, Luke. I like the way you make it first appear that the magic powers are not true, and then there is a change. I also like your matter of fact ending, even though it is for something out of this world, like living on the moon!

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