The Magic Dice by Luke

When I woke up this morning I looked to the calendar it was the 21st of August. Which meant it was the day I roll the white dice. If I roll a one or two I live in the trees. If I roll three or four I live in the middle class. If I roll a five I get to the rich class but a minuscule amount of people get there though. If I roll a six I get to live with the president of Sticky City, no one has. It is my turn to roll. I got a six, I never will be washing my clothes again…

One thought on “The Magic Dice by Luke”

  1. Hey,my teacher just talked about the 100 word challenge. I love how you made the story so fun and cool.After he rolled the dice and got a 6 did he get picked up to go to the present of Sticky City’s house the next day or the same day he rolled the 6?

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