The Mad Man with Powers by Kyle

There once was a man with an extraordinary imagination. His name was Mr. Violin. Mr. Violin was no ordinary man. He was obsessed with the colour purple. Animals were also a large part of his life, especially an elephant that he kept in his back garden for some reason. Every night he would dream of bizarre things, like a painted pig jumping over Mars and back to Earth. There is a twist to Mr. Violin’s life though. He has the power to make everyone happy for their whole life. His dream one Saturday night was that he used his power on the whole wide world. So, he thought, why not try it in real life??

One thought on “The Mad Man with Powers by Kyle”

  1. Hello Kyle. I really like your story! It’s very creative! I didn’t think Mr. Violin had the power to make everyone in the world happy. I wonder if he was able to successfully do it??

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