The Lost Gem by Donnchadh

Long ago there were two adventurers called Max and Zac. They were paid to go to one of the deepest, darkest caves known to man. They had to find a rare crystal. This crystal had strange powers. It would be able to protect their village as it was always getting invaded by raiders.

They found it after days searching and they raced home. When they got to the village they gave it to the elder. He placed it in the ancient boulder but the crystal was too big!

“Oh no!,’ said the elder, if only it was a bit smaller.”

One thought on “The Lost Gem by Donnchadh”

  1. Hey,
    I really loved reading this story, the way how you used the sentence invaded by raiders was really exiting. I also really enjoyed the ending.
    I am exited to read more!
    Sincerely, Milah

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