The Land That Exists by Holly

My morning began with a nice cup of tea. While I was drinking my tea, I opened my curtains. I saw millions of mystical creatures around me. Nothing but nature and fairies were around me. It was beautiful. As I was making my way outside I fell, then everything stopped and I was in normal world again. I told my Mam what happened but she didn’t believe me. I tried to prove her wrong but I failed. Maybe I never left normal work. It felt so real though. I know it exists. I shall go on a journey to prove my Mam wrong…

One thought on “The Land That Exists by Holly”

  1. Hi Holly,
    Great story! I really liked the way you merged the real and fantasy worlds. It reminded me of Terabithia or Narnia. You should keep writing about the journey to rediscover this world. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Derbyshire, UK

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