The Land of Colour by Mia

Ruby was worried about her sister, Lavender.She had been gone for a few days but how could she just disappear? Suddenly as if in answer Lavender appeared. ‘Lav I was so worried’ said Ruby .’I know Rubes but come with me ‘She said. They flew into the air. Soon they were in a crazy whirlwind of colour.It was CandyLand . There were candy in shades of ebony,coal ,butterscotch and pistachio.’ Here try some Rubes’ So she did. A burst of fruit hit her ,it was lemon ,lime , grape and raspberry. All her favourites . The girls never left Candyland

3 thoughts on “The Land of Colour by Mia”

  1. Hi Mia
    Your story reminded me of Wreck It Ralph.
    Was she in heaven?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class

  2. Hey,
    I really enjoyed your story,
    I love all those kinds of fruits too.
    If they did ever come back they would be extremely fat!
    From Naglis
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

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  3. Hi Mia
    Great story this I hope their mother didn’t miss them .
    To be honest I wouldn’t have left their either.
    Bye for now Mathew OG
    Mrs Boyces class.

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