The Lab by Katie

“Bang!” “Something exploded!” said Dr. Green. One morning in the lab Dr. Green the scientist was looking to make a new species. Dr. Green started working first he got the thing he be testing on which was a hamster. The hamster wasn’t that healthy so he done it on that one. So there was no harm to the hamster.

Dr. Green wanted to make a new species of hamster. When Dr. Green stared to put the needle in he kept on moving.

Dr. Green was getting overwhelmed about it. Dr. Green started saying, “it was very hot”. “Bang!”, something exploded said Dr. Green.

2 thoughts on “The Lab by Katie”

  1. Hi my class writes 100 word challenges too. You have a great story. Does Dr. Green create a new species?

  2. Well, that was an interesting day for Dr. Green. It would be a really interesting job to be a scientist, I think but I wouldn’t like too many explosions. I hope the hamster was OK. I hope you keep on writing and coming up with lots of creative ideas.

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