The Key of Teleportation by Kyle

My tiny spider leg skimmed off something that felt rusty and cold. I turned around to investigate. A key? In the middle of a frozen field? One of them humongous creatures called humans must have dropped it. They carry weird things around sometimes.

I felt daring and curious so I decided to try and take a closer look. As soon as my leg touched the key for a second time, a weird sensation flooded through my body, like I had a bucket of water thrown over me. I seemed to have teleported to a lab. ‘They’re not the right one,’ shouted a rough voice. I started spinning around again and was back in the frozen field with the mysterious key.

One thought on “The Key of Teleportation by Kyle”

  1. Hi I write 100 word challenges too! I love how you have the main character not be a human. What happens next?

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