The Invasion by Zach

One sunny day the armies of the world gathered at a top secret base. They were troubled because of the colourful army .The colourful army were everywhere in Sydney in Australia,America ,Ireland etc. The colourful army was taking people and turning them into colourful soldiers . The coloured army tried to say “Release our king from the Great Forest of the Jungle”. After the army’s heard every country sent their best men to search for him. The English Navy found the king in an ample space the Navy tried to move him. All of a sudden the couloured army ambushed them before they could even defend themselves. That day it was war fare. The war has been going on for decade.

5 thoughts on “The Invasion by Zach”

  1. Great job Zach i really liked your story . It was interesting and i liked your vocabulary. bye for now Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s Please comment on mine .

  2. I really like your piece of work but there are a few mistakes like instead of a where there was a was. But other than that i really like it.

  3. Good army knowledge. Do you know about any RAF pilots like the spitfire and do you know any stages like squadron leader or wing commander. Hope to see you soon!!

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