The Idea by Matthew

Once upon a time, my brother and I were so bored, my brother thought of an idea. “Let’s go on a walk said my brother”. Ten minutes later, we were all ready, jackets on, lead on the dog and we were ready to go. Suddenly, Jack the dog, made a whelping noise because he heard a cat as it let out a pitiful howl. We carried on our walk and it was a good walk, we went to the woods and the beach. “I said how long were we out for”? My brother said four hours an a half hours. “Wow said I”. It was a great day.

3 thoughts on “The Idea by Matthew”

  1. Hi Matthew.i like your story. Make sure to end quotes before you write ‘said my brother’ exc. good job

  2. It’s supposed to be “Lets go on a walk!” said my brother. Also it’s supposed to be this Suddenly, Jack; my dog;. Also its supposed to be I said “How long were we out for?” My brother said. It also supposed to be this “Wow,” I said. Make sure you proof read 😐

  3. Hello Matthew! That was certainly a long walk. I particularly like you sentence, “…jackets on, lead on dog and we were ready”. This indicated to me, the passing of time and gave me a feeling of anticipation of what was going to happen next. Well done.

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