The Ice Caps by Kyle

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

I think that this would be a terrible thing to happen. The sea level would rise, which of course wouldn’t be good. Then some land would possibly be flooded and that would make it inhabitable. Also, it wouldn’t be ideal at all for creatures like polar bears and penguins. They would lose their habitat, and then they would come closer to land. Can you imagine seeing a polar bear walking up the road!? That would be crazy.

It is really something that I wouldn’t like to see happen, so hopefully it doesn’t.

2 thoughts on “The Ice Caps by Kyle”

  1. We wrote about this to. What other animals do you think would get messed up. I liked how you gave a list of animals.

  2. Hello Kyle, I like your story. In particular I like how you started it with a question. You then provided a personal opinion. I thought this worked well as it wasn’t “telling off” the reader but making them think about what you had to say and encouraging them to form their own opinion. Well done.

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