The House by Alfie

On one street called Flakevile Avenue there was a mysterious house that seemed to be abandoned. It was overgrown the windows were boarded up with big metal sheets that were at one stage silver but over time their colour faded it turned an orangey brown. Adam had to explore the house because he had seen a couple of cats and dogs who wandered past the old rusty gate and go into the house. ‘But why? ‘ thought Adam. He dawdled across the front garden. Lavender was growing, Adam loathed it he thought it was vile, he walked in, then the door slammed behind him. He was locked in.

One thought on “The House by Alfie”

  1. Kia ora Alfie. I loved this story! You created atmosphere by using lots of interesting description, such as the changing colours of the metal sheets. I also like how you’ve added that little bit of detail about the lavender. Well done Alfie – keep up the amazing writing.

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