The Horror Story by Ashley

There I was, walking down to the haunted house for a dare. I marveled at how big the mansion was.

There was a sign outside the garden but the words were washed away. I could smell something like eggs.

I carefully stepped onto the front step and knocked on the door. Suddenly the door creaked open, I hesitated for a moment then stepped inside.

The door slammed closed behind me making me jump and there was a light above me flickering and shaking vigorously.

I then saw a girl…… was the Sacred Rhianna!!!

Her hair was dark black and all in front of her face, though not a fringe. She was holding her creepy realistic doll. What was going to happen next……

2 thoughts on “The Horror Story by Ashley”

  1. Hi Ashley
    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    I wouldn’t like it if I was dared to walk into the house.
    Hopefully the girl didn’t scare and I hope you get of there quickly.
    Goodbye Ashley
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s 5th class
    St Colman’s BNS

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Who is Sacred Rhianna,
    I hope nothing bad will happen to you,
    I think you should do a worse dare on the person who dared you,
    From Szymon,
    Mrs. Boyce’s Class.

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