The Honey Monsters by Kyle

Oh no. It was bad. Very bad. Mr. White was about to start washing out the honey bottle so that he could recycle it. Fred, my fellow honey monster, glanced over at me. We knew what we had to do. As minuscule as we were, we had some extraordinary powers. We would have to turn super-sticky. This meant that we would stick to the bottle, so we wouldn’t get washed out. But today, something was different. Our powers didn’t work. I looked at the calendar. My eyes widened with fear. It was the 18th of July. The one-day honey monster’s powers didn’t work. As Mr. White turned on the tap, we accepted our fate…..

One thought on “The Honey Monsters by Kyle”

  1. I like honey a lot so I love the story. I think you did very well on punctuation. What happened after Mr. White turned on the tap.

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