The Holiday Renovation by Jessica H

Yesterday I redecorated my bedroom. My dad painted my room but he wouldn’t tell me what colour it was. I haven’t been in my room yet because the paint was still wet. Today I went into my room and the colour was purple and pink which I loved. I walked around my room and saw a big fluffy elephant teddy. I was so happy. My mam walked in with a new violin for me because I broke my last one. This was the best day ever. For the rest of the day I was just upstairs in my room.

2 thoughts on “The Holiday Renovation by Jessica H”

  1. Hello Jessica.
    I like your story because the way you used the words.
    I wonder what colour her room was before.
    It reminds me of when I redecorated my room.
    Bye for now, Benny – Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  2. Hello, Jessica. This story was awesome! I really like how her room was pink and purple! My favorite colors are black and pink. Her parents are so nice! A suggestion is that you don’t want your sentences to be choppy. Like, “I was so happy.” Other than that, I really like your story! Great job!!!

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