The Hay Bale by Jasmin

One day a local farmer was just doing his job feeding the animals and mowing the grass etc…..

He saw a haybayle and he heard a very strange noise…

So he went to check what the noise was……..

You will never guess what was in the haybale!


The farmer took the dog and washed him fed him and took are of him for weeks until….

The farmer gave him a happier family and everything was happy!

3 thoughts on “The Hay Bale by Jasmin”

  1. HI Jasmin
    I just love your take on this week’s 100 word challenge prompt!. It’s very different to a lot of the 100 word challenges that I’ve been reading. I really like your opening sentence as it gives me an instant picture of a farmer just as you say “doing his job”. I still thought it was going to be a scary story when I read “he heard a very strange noise” but instead it turned out that a puppy was stuck in the hay bale. The idea of the farmer crawling into the bale and rescuing the puppy is so creative and clever and I’m really glad the story had such a happy ending as I love happy endings. Well done on some great writing.
    Máire O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

  2. Hi Jasmin I love your story your vocabulary is brilliant you used the prompt very well keep it up I look forward to reading more of your stories until then.

  3. Hi Jasmin, this is an awesome story. It is very creative and cute! I would like to see another 100 word challenge from you!

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