The Haunted House by Leon

One day in Sattleville, Bob was getting ready for Halloween. At half six he went out trick or treating. He started going back to his house at around 8 o’clock when he saw a house that he hadn’t knocked on yet. “How strange I haven’t seen this housebefore,“said Bob to himself. So he walked over to the front door. The door looked old, dusty and broke down. He rang the door bell. The door creaked open. Suddenly it started to suck Bob in. “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” screamed Bob. He woke up in an old hall. “Welcome to ghost Hall!” said a voice.

2 thoughts on “The Haunted House by Leon”

  1. Well done on using the prompt. I can see it in your story. I like the descriptions as it added to the scary effect.

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