The Haunted House by Emmanuel

Once upon a time it was the year 1965 and there was a very old and broken down housing estate with a very creepy house. A few boys wanted to go to the haunted house after they came back from school their names were John, Jake, Evan and Aaron. The time had come for the boys to meet up. They entered the (haunted house as they called it) Aaron was the first to enter as he was the man of the group. They heard loud banging sounds, they walked towards the sound. They turned around then everything stopped and Ronald McDonald hopped out and bought them chicken from KFC.

One thought on “The Haunted House by Emmanuel”

  1. Emmanuel,
    I found the twist at the end of your piece to be surprising and enjoyable. Your use of Ronald McDonald lightened the scary mood you had set up to that point.
    Keep Writing!
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

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