The Haunted Hotel by Charlie

Me and my family went to a hotel in Cork. It looked amazing, we went inside signed in and went to our room. We had driven a long way so we went to bed. The next morning my sister Chloe’s hair had somehow grown 10 inches overnight. We went straight to the hairdressers, she cut Chloe’s black hair to about 5 inches below her fringe, then she washed Chloe’s hair. We went back to the hotel for brunch, I had sausages, bacon, pudding and eggs. I went to the toilet when suddenly the lights started flickering and then I heard a deep voice saying my name Charlie CHARLIE! I screamed for help…

One thought on “The Haunted Hotel by Charlie”

  1. Hi Charlie
    Great work this week.
    To be honest if I was doing my buisness and a deep started calling I start screaming aswel.
    Bye for now Mathew O G Mrs Boyces class

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