The Haunted Hair Salon by Jessica H

It was just an ordinary day so far. I decided I wanted to get my hair cut and dyed but I wasn’t sure what style yet so I’ll decide when I get there. I got to the hair salon and I decided that I want to get a fringe and dye my hair black , I thought that was the best choice .The girl who was doing my hair was called Ms.Eggs she washed my hair and then cut it. All of a sudden the lights started to flicker ,I was so scared that with the apron I ran all the way home.

One thought on “The Haunted Hair Salon by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica

    did you know that i dyed my hair. it is now blue. Also did you know that some places are actually haunted. lastly i think next time you should bold the 5 words because it is realy hard to know where they are.
    pleas write back:).

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