The Haunted Grave Yard by Zach

One day there was a kid named Alex he and his friends were going to sneak into a grave yard where they left all of there sweets under the roots of a dead old tree on a small muck pile. So they met up outside Alex’s house it took 10 minutes to get there. They saw the tree just as the sun was going down one of the boys Tod put is hand in a gap where he left them Tod screamed and pulled his arm out well what was left of it and started running away…

One thought on “The Haunted Grave Yard by Zach”

  1. Oh Zach, yikes! Your description of Tod putting his arm into the gap and then finding part of it was missing when he pulled it out again, was just amazing. It filled me with the horrors.

    Well done!

    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

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