The Graveyard by Cian

There is a myth about a graveyard that I live close to. They say when you walk near a grave something or someone pulls you right down into the ground. I’ve never gone into it so my friend Jack and I decided to see if the myth was real. So we were walking into the graveyard and I heard this unearthly sound it was like a screeching by a human. Although it frightened us we kept walking. Suddenly I turned to talk to Jack but he was gone. I heard the sound again and something was pulling me down.

3 thoughts on “The Graveyard by Cian”

  1. Ooh Cian, this makes my shudder as I read. You have chose a very spooky way to interpret the prompt this week. I shall take extra care when I next take my dog for a walk in our nearby cemetery.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    Nwe Zealand

  2. Sorry Cian. I didn’t proofread my earlier comment.
    You have chosen (not chose!)……..

  3. Hi Cian
    It’s bad enough going near a graveyard at night without a story like this! You have really got a feel for the creepy and horror style here and I like the way it develops from a myth to a reality. Excellent story full of fear! well done.

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