The Gorilla Nightmare by Jessica H

Once there was a scientist called Mr.Bricks he experimented on gorillas with his lab partner who was very pretty. The zookeepers came in with a gorilla that wore a yellow tutu. When they were experimenting on the gorilla they took a short break and went to get food. When they came back the gorilla was gone, both of them went running all over Time Square to find the gorilla. After they spent a hour running around the place they went back to the lab and found the gorilla eating. Turns out she went on a break as well.

One thought on “The Gorilla Nightmare by Jessica H”

  1. Hi Jessica, I love this story, thank you for it. The image of a yellow tutu wearing Gorilla is great on it’s own but, the thought of it nipping off for a break is just terrific. I really like everything here, the structure, the grammar and punctuation but I especially like the quirky ending. Well written.

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