The Goggles by Rose

I put on the goggles, I was quite nervous. My great grandad would always experiment but this was far off what he would normally do. He wanted to try out the goggle that were supposedly meant to bring you to the future.

I’m not even sure if that’s possible! But he was invested in the project.

And I was pulled in it.

“Ok, now, just think about what year you want to go to, and you’ll be there!”

And so I did. I thought of the year, 2025.

Soon after, I saw a blinding light. I felt some pain but in a second I was transported to a house.

I looked around and saw an elderly woman staring at me in shock

“Goodness?! Where-, how-.?” She stuttered in shock.

I didn’t say anything, but left the house quickly, goggles still on. When I left I saw outside. There were many roads and metal machines with people inside, smoke everywhere. Children playing and people with dogs on rope.

“This is not like last year.” I thought I said in my head.

“What do you mean? It was exactly the same as last year.” Said a stranger.

“Ah, right, sorry.”