The Gloomy Factory by Eden

As quietly as possible I crept along the long corridor. I finally found a door so I went through it. The room was huge, it was the biggest room I had ever seen. I heard grunting noises echoing around the huge room so I hid behind some containers piled on top of each other. I heard more grunts, each one louder then the last. I figured that whatever it was, was coming closer. I tried to climb the container but if only it was a bit smaller then I would have been able. So what I did was I dashed out of the gloomy factory.

One thought on “The Gloomy Factory by Eden”

  1. Hello Eden, that was a scary situation. I like how you created mystery straight away by having the narrator creep quietly along the corridor. You have chosen some good words to make your story more interesting; “biggest”, “echoing”, “huge”, and “piled” all work well. Good writing.

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