The Girl by Katie

It was cold and windy evening. There was a girl called Bella she was visiting her nanny down the country she was saying over. After a while she went on her big bike she loves going on her bike. So then she went cycling she was going a long road. It was Autumn the leaves were blowing everywhere. Suddenly she fell into a hale bale .It was kind of strange but there was only a pumpkin patch but. Then she got out of it and there’s pumpkins. Ok but I have to go nanny’s probably waiting. So I went back and she was waiting.

One thought on “The Girl by Katie”

  1. My class looked at this picture and I think you did a great job of describing this picture. I might of changed the ending. I like riding a bike do you like riding a bike? I think you did a great job with this story and it was very creative!

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