The Future by Kyle

‘Isn’t it crazy how it is already 3,000AD’, I thought to myself as I flew the short trip to the galaxy of Umberus. I just couldn’t believe that people used to actually have to WALK if they wanted to go anywhere, on that thing they called concrete. My revolving spaceship, which gave me an excellent view of all the stars, made a strange whirring noise. A pink light started flashing in the distance. I had to jump off my spaceship, activate my wings and fly as quickly as possible back to Lamkorino. That light meant that the aliens which people ages ago thought weren’t real has returned again… hopefully their leader, Hungry Harry, wouldn’t attack my galaxy again…

2 thoughts on “The Future by Kyle”

  1. Kyle,
    I enjoyed reading your challenge piece this week because you fit in all the focus words so cleverly. The details you used helped me to imagine the sights and sounds experienced by the narrator.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi I wrote this 100 wc too. What do the aliens look like. you have a good story

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