The Forest Adventure by Ben

Adam was going camping on his own for the weekend and he had been excited since Monday. “BYE MAM SEE YOU SUNDAY NIGHT!” shouted Adam from the bottom of the staircase. It was six o’clock in the morning so it was very dark outside. As Adam was driving on the motorway minding his own business when he saw a flash of light, then darkness again. A car came straight towards him but then shifted slightly to the left so it wouldn’t hit him. Adam knew there something dodgy about that so he chased after it. Suddenly, smoke covered the sky. The car had crashed straight into a railing. Adam called 911…

One thought on “The Forest Adventure by Ben”

  1. I have gone camping before. I like how you had three dots at the end symbalizing that you will do a part two. Did the guy in the car survive?

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