The Flying Bicycle Part II by Kyle

It broke out of Joshua’s grip and flew away smoothly, high into the air. The four sprinted after it and a couple of times it slowed down and did a few loops just above their heads to tease them. They ran all the way down the hill, turned a corner and kept on running. The bike must have been tired because it flew down and lay against a wooden pole for a second but then it flew away out of sight. They trotted back home feeling very disappointed. Corey suggested that they could play a football match to cheer them up so Cian got his ball. Jack thought that they should try and make their own flying bicycle. So that’s what they did!

One thought on “The Flying Bicycle Part II by Kyle”

  1. I’ve seen this prompt before to. This is a really good piece. How could a bike become tired? I feel like you could add more adverbs.

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