The Flying Bicycle by Kyle

‘A yellow flying bicycle????’ ‘In our tiny town?’ ‘You must be joking.’ Well, I’m not.’ Joshua, Corey and Jack were playing a football match when their friend Cian came over and told them what he saw a while ago at the big hill around the corner. He also warned them that it had tried to fly at him and hit him, so they should stay a good bit away from it. They all sprinted to the hill as fast as they could and there it was, hovering overhead. Joshua was desperate to get that bicycle so he went very close to it and when it flew at him he grabbed it greedily. It was too strong for him though!

2 thoughts on “The Flying Bicycle by Kyle”

  1. I really like how you managed to share how the flying bicycle had a mind of its own without ever coming out and saying it. And while the idea of a thinking flying bicycle is kind of scary in my mind it sounds like it could be the start of a great adventure for your characters, although who gets to ride first might cause some tension.

  2. I had posted on this same topic. It was great. I like the way how story was so action packed. Lastly you need two quotations for diolauge

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