The Flight Not To Be by Tadhg

It was mid February. When Met Éireann issues a red weather warning for the whole country. Max, Kayla and Keith were due to go on holidays on the 15th of February. They got to Dublin Airport at 3am. Their flight was at 6am. At around half 4 it started to snow lightly. By 5am the snow was so heavy the flight had to be pulled back by 6 hours. Seen as the snow was so heavy they could not even leave the airport. The flight kept getting pulled. Then when it just wouldn’t take off they left the airport when it was possible

One thought on “The Flight Not To Be by Tadhg”

  1. Once i was going to Florida but the fight kept getting putted and had to wait 6 hours
    I liked how you were being more specific about the date
    I wished you did more adverbs but you did good.

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