The Fish by Rose

“Ugh.. Huh?” I mumbled to myself. I sat up and looked around, I didn’t recognise this place. I saw a lot of old pictures of a cheerful family and it seemed like I was in a bedroom. I tried to get up but stumbled a bit. Holding onto the wall, I stood up and tried to get out of the room.

I saw a lady walking up to the room with some tea, “Ah, you’re awake! H-here have some tea!” She politely offered. I took some and we went to the living room.

“How did I get here?” I asked?

“I saw you fainted on the field, probably from the polluted air.” She explained.

We went outside to see two kids wearing face masks, sitting beside what was supposed to be river.

“I have never seen the river bed so dry before.” The boy sadly said.

“We won’t be able to talk to the fish anymore!” Shouted the other boy.

Was the air that bad we had to wear face masks?

And the river bed, when did it get this desperate?

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  1. I have fainted before too. You did a really good job with the dialogue. Did the lady ever tell you her name?

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