The Firework Show by Callum

“Hurry up” shouted my brother. The firework show was on in one hour. The show was at the beach and there was going to be a bone fire as well. My dad drove us to the show. The beach was packed with people. The bonfire was ignited but everyone had to stand 10 feet back. Jack lit the fireworks and the show began. We were excited for the last firework because it was gonna be the best. The last firework went up in the air and came straight into the bonfire and everything was on fire. My brother and I ran straight for the car. Everyone was evacuated by the firemen. Thankfully no injuries.

One thought on “The Firework Show by Callum”

  1. We go to Firework Shows too. You did a really good job at making it sound realistic! Did they ever redo the show? Like a makeup show.

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