The Fire Drill by Kayleigh

It was my first day working at the car industry. The first car I looked at was a Tesla.

“Woahhh!” I whispered when I saw the shiny Tesla.

“Would you like to go for a ride?” Asked my boss.

“Of course I would!” I replied as I hopped in.

Something went wrong and the Tesla let out a lot of smoke. Suddenly the building started flashing red and sirens were going off. The smoke had set off the fire alarm. There was an announcement on the intercom “EVACUATE REPEAT EVACUATE!” It screamed. This was a very urgent situation. I helped people evacuate. “I’m afraid,” said one of the women. “It is ok,” I answered as we walked out the door.

5 thoughts on “The Fire Drill by Kayleigh”

  1. Hello Kayleigh,
    You have the correct idea, Teslas and similar electric cars seem to be part of our future. Along with hydrogen powered cars, these vehicles would be much better for the environment than petrol or diesel cars.
    To have such a tragic fire in a well designed Tesla, I would suspect a fault in the batteries as there is no petrol to catch fire making them safer than normal cars.

  2. Dear Kayleigh,

    I really like your writing challenge! I also did this challenge, but I love your writing and the story you chose goes well with the subject but is still really fun to read. I was wondering, have you done any challenges before this one? This is my first challenge, but you seem pretty experienced! You can also come check out my blog!


  3. Hey Kayleigh! I really like the prompt of your short story, and the fact it takes place in the car industry. Mentioning Tesla in your story was very creative. If you’re interested, I’d like to invite you to visit my blog. Have a nice rest of your day!

  4. We wrote about this to. I like how you used a lot of dislodge. Did everybody make it out of the building?

  5. Hi Kayleigh I really liked how you described the Tesla and how the intercom to really good work and can I call you Kay

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