The Fire by Mya

While Nick is ironing he gets a message from his friend George. George says that Nick has to wake up early in the morning so Nick goes to sleep forgetting about the iron still being on. While he is sleeping he smells smoke. He think nothing about it and goes back to sleep. After a couple of minutes his face starts to get really warm, he opens his eyes and see a fire. He’s worrying about what to do, he quickly grabs a towel and puts is over the fire and plugs out the iron. He goes back to sleep while his heart is still rapidly beating.

2 thoughts on “The Fire by Mya”

  1. Hi Mya! I liked your story, I like how the fire starts and Nick ignores it. Then, he wakes up and unplugs the iron, and goes back to sleep. One thing you could work on is your punctuation. But your story was good. Keep writing.
    From, Harrison St. Charles Illinois, USA

  2. Hello Mya, my name is Khloey I loved your story! It was very detailed, great job and don’t stop writing!

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