The Fair by Cillian

On Saturday James and his mam dad and sister went to the Summer Fair. When they arrived at the fair they went on a few rides luckily the lines were empty. Then they went to the stalls. There was a game were you had to shoot a gun and hit a small target.The prize was a big pink fluffy unicorn. James’s sister told dad to shoot and he did. Dad fired the gun and hit the target. James’s sister happily got the unicorn.Later James bought a really cool toy bike. After they went to get some chips and watched the man fry the chips and saw bubbles sparkling.After they went home. They had a nice time.

One thought on “The Fair by Cillian”

  1. Hello Cillian, what an action-packed day at the fair! Sounds like everyone had fun and thankfully dad was able to hit a small target. I would also like to win a big pink fluffy unicorn. I really like the image of the bubbles sparkling. I had never thought of chips cooking that way. Well done.

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