The Extraordinary Guitar by Kyle

The extraordinary guitar,

Painted in mustard and wet tar,

That gives you magic powers,

And also sprouts spring flowers.

The extraordinary guitar,

Can grow bigger than a car,

And once a man shoved it,

And in front of him appeared a blue tit.

The extraordinary guitar,

Which is heard of near and far,

Has the mood of a human,

You can see when a mood is looming!

The extraordinary guitar,

Which some people call bizarre,

From anywhere it is audible,

And it’s sounds can be quite horrible.

The extraordinary guitar,

Painted in mustard and wet tar,

It’s music is a big hit,

But sadly it is a myth.

2 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Guitar by Kyle”

  1. What an amazing piece of writing, Kyle. I love it! So many excellent descriptive phrases, it is hard to pick one out. I like the idea of the guitar sprouting spring flowers. You have chosen all the words so well, nothing is wasted. You paint an imaginative picture for your reader. Then your last sentence tells us it is all a myth. But what a good one.

  2. Hi, I’m Sam. I really like that you took used a great amount of creativity to make this challenge into a poem. Why did you choose to make it a poem?

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