The Extra Terrestrial by Alfie

“There’s a strange planet in front of me what should I do captain wait I have been hit I am going down Mayday Mayday!”. “Come in captain!” No answer. Then a peculiar creature raced up the road “which way to the shops? ” It panted “come on I don’t have all day”it said. “I don’t know” “you’re not from around here are you can I at least know your name my names Alex” said Alex “my name is Blorf ” said Blorf. “Why do you wear that funny costume” said Alex “this is not a costume” said Blorf “it is not”.

One thought on “The Extra Terrestrial by Alfie”

  1. Hi Alfie,
    Interesting use of the prompt this week having an alien as your main character. My class struggled with “it” panted and wanted it to be he/she. We had lots of animals but no aliens.
    Something to improve your writing would be to have each speaker on a new line.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Horan (Team 100)
    Morrinsville NZ

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