The Evacuation by Kyle

Why did we have to evacuate just then? Everything had seemed to be getting better, but that clearly wasn’t true. The pollution levels were dropping, but then they suddenly shot up like a rocket. The oil and gas industry needed to stop using so much fossil fuels, but they just wanted to make money. On that morning, when the red flashing light covered the town, we were all extremely afraid. It just came out of the blue. We didn’t want to leave, but we could tell how urgent it was. Reluctantly but hastily, we flew around grabbing our stuff, preparing to leave. Now it was time to explore another country…

2 thoughts on “The Evacuation by Kyle”

  1. Hello Kyle,
    Great job on your blog post! I like how your story is very relatable- I can see how I would react myself in that situation. I also like how you mentioned things that relate to climate change- pollution, and fossil fuels, and used your words creatively- “shot up like a rocket”, or “out of the blue”. It is a warning to what can happen if we don’t pay attention to what changes are happening in the world. I would like to ask you a question- how many 100 word challenges have you done, and for how long have you been doing them? I invite you to check out my blog at

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