The End of Earth by Luke

It was a bad day for the world we found out that only one hundred people from each country can leave earth . A meteor will strike earth and we only have fourteen hours left on earth. The spaceships will leave in four hours.The rockets will leave in ten minutes. Right before the rockets left. A fierce flame had ignited in Australia and blew up the Australian ship causing the biggest fire in history. The second the rockets launched colossal fires started. All of America and South America was ablaze. There was darkness in the sky it was the darkest day in history.

2 thoughts on “The End of Earth by Luke”

  1. Wow! You have raised some scary thoughts here in your story. How would you ever be able to decide the 100 people who would be allowed to leave? You could write a book about that. In fact, you have lots of great ideas that I think you could write more extensively about: the meteor strike, the fire in Australia, etc. I hope you decide to write some more. Well done.

  2. I actually wrote a book(That I’m thinking about publishing) similar to this topic. This was really really good and I really like it. Do you enjoy writing too?

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