The Emergency by Darragh

Boom! Mike woke up, he got out of bed. He opened his door, suddenly an alarm went off. He didn’t know what was happening. He ran to the nearest escape pod but all of them were gone. He found an escape pod but it just wouldn’t take off. He panicked, he didn’t know what to do. He jumped out of the escape pod. He ran to the air lock. Boom! The air lock blew up, he quickly grabbed a space suit. He hid in a closet. After a while he grabbed a withered flashlight and got out of the pod. He looked around for a while. Suddenly he heard a noise, he looked behind him and…

9 thoughts on “The Emergency by Darragh”

  1. Well done Darragh. This is a great story. You have created a very exciting story and I can imagine it as a movie.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Hello Darragh.
    I liked that the story was exiting.
    I wonder what was happening.
    It reminds me of a game I played.
    Bye for now Kristupas Mrs Boyces 5 class

  3. Hello Darragh.
    I really like your story because of the way it started and the way it ended.
    I wonder what happens next.

    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce class.

  4. Hi Darragh
    You had a brilliant story such an epic and exiting start.
    I wonder was it a new species?
    It reminds me of a movie I watched but I cant remember.

    Bye for now Dan
    Mrs Boyces 5th Class

  5. Hi Darragh
    I really like your because I find it interesting
    It reminds me of Star Wars
    I wonder what was happening
    From Joe
    Mrs Boyce’s class

  6. I liked the way you were talking about the things in the future an aliens.Next time make sure you are not doing run on sentences

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