The Elephant and Her Violin by Emmanuel

It was the opening day of the brand new zoo in Dublin, and all the new animals were being introduced and everyone was excited for the arrival of the new purple elephant from Zimbabwe. It was rumored that Ellie the elephant was very talented and that she played the violin, that was painted red with a yellow happy face on it. Everyone loved it when she played her violin, but she didn’t play it for entertainment she played it when she was sad because she missed her family back home. The zookeepers knew she missed her family, so one day she woke up from her nap and there she was back in Zimbabwe, united with her family once again.

One thought on “The Elephant and Her Violin by Emmanuel”

  1. I love your story Emmanuel. I like how you used emotions in the story. It was funny that the zookeeper was back in Zimbabwe. From Isa, your BLOG BUDDY in USA.

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