The Election by Zach

Today an election took place in the U.S.A. It was about who was going to be the president of America. The election stands opened at 8am this morning. The selected candidates were some orange person and Steavy Luasin. The orange one spoke first every one hated him no one knows how he was selected. Steavy Luasin claimed that by 2025 everyone in America would have a job and a home. The two candidates went into two separate voting boots. They both came out one minute after they went in. No one would know who won… until now.

5 thoughts on “The Election by Zach”

  1. Hi Zack .
    I liked reading your story.
    I wonder who won.
    It reminds me of a t.v show I saw.
    Bye for now Kristupas Mrs Boyces 5 class

  2. hi Zack
    I love your post maybe next time use a bit more detail on the orange person next time but other than that I loved your story keep it up.

    From Laine

  3. Hi Zach your story was really good, but you need to name orange person name. I love how you talked about elections and president and people who are important to the United States.I wonder who won?

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