The Early Christmas Present by Jessica H

Christmas was coming up. Amelia was really excited except her dog Coco passed away. It was a sad time since she had Coco since she could remember. But she tried not to let that ruin her Christmas holidays. Mum said she had a early Christmas present from her and Dad. I was so excited .Mum called me down stairs eventually,when I came down stairs there was a box.I opened it and it was the best thing ever it was a Golding Retriever puppy I was bursting with tears and excitement it was the best gift ever.

6 thoughts on “The Early Christmas Present by Jessica H”

  1. Jessica you are a true author have you ever thought about you being an author when you grow up. I love how you expressed yourself in that story. I could feel all the emotions going on in that story.

  2. Jessica i loved your story and the way you described the character especially when you received the puppy. Keep up with the good work and i would love to read on, you expressed the way you were feeling.

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