The Dry River by Donnchadh

Yuck! A rat that is like the sixth rat I saw. With all of the dead salmon and pike, I have never seen the river bed so dry. This place is really smelly, it smells like rotting fish bait. I continued my walk through the dry riverbed. There are a lot of bugs. Wow! a deer I wonder why he is here? Maybe he is looking for water? I don’t know?

I was running low on water so decided to head back to my car. On the way I saw a king fisher bird. I am sad for all the animals that have got to look for food and water.

2 thoughts on “The Dry River by Donnchadh”

  1. Hi I’m Sam. I liked how you used so many animals in your story. What is your favorite animal?

  2. Donnchadh,
    You have described the impact of a drought so well in your 100 word challenge. I liked how you explained how sad you felt to see the impact on the animals. Well done!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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