The Drought by Emma

It started in a small town in Canada . My mam and I would go on a walk in a lovely park with flowers, lots of plants and trees. There was a river which had really clean and clear water. Our water filter was broken in our town, so we had to drink out of the river.

My mam and I went for a walk and to get some water, my mam screamed. “What!” I screamed.

”I have never seen the river bed so dry before.”

We called the police and they checked if there was anything blocking the river. They said no. In the shops all of the water was sold out. I think that someone blocked the river. I checked the north side that police didn’t check out and guess what I found? Lots of plastic bottles, lined up like a wall. I picked them up carefully, then everyone got their water back.

One thought on “The Drought by Emma”

  1. Me and my mom go on walks all the time also. You did a good job on making me want to know what was wrong when your mom screamed. Did you ever figure out who put the plastic bottles there?

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