The Dream by Zach

One cold night my brother and I went to bed at nine o clock, we fell asleep at nine o’clock.

I wock up and my brother and I were thrown out of bed . We seemed to be on the television. All of a sudden the floor collapsed down on top of green and stretchy slime.

There was a timer on the wall it had one hour on it. I saw a sign it said to find three keys within the time limit. I thought I saw one goled key under the sign my brother got sucked under the slime.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The alarm went off I panicked…

18 thoughts on “The Dream by Zach”

  1. Well done. This story is really good. I like how it was a puzzle. When I read thisw I thought how are they going to get out! Well done any way.
    Charlie D Bidston avenue primary school

  2. Amazing story zach really enjoyed it I liked the ending with the alarm it makes it sound like a ticking bomb it was alround just amazing keep it up and you might be a writer one day like the way you hooked the reader in with the… From Lucas at Bidston avenue primary school

  3. Hey Zach, your story’s are really funny I saw a few mistakes but it’s okay make sure to read it over a few time or let a classmate read it, but overall your story’s are awesome
    Derick, hub buddy

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