The Dream by Niamh

It was Saturday night. My mam and dad were gone out for dinner so we were being minded. We had to go to bed early because church was at 10 o’clock the next day. I was tired and fell asleep straight away. I had a dream that my friend robbed something from Dealz. The shopkeeper caught her and she had to pay for it. She said sorry and the shopkeeper said it is ok but don’t do it again! If you do, I will ring the police next time. We walked away then everything stopped and I woke up.

2 thoughts on “The Dream by Niamh”

  1. Hi Niamh
    Your 100WC is a lovely recount of a normal day with a twist at the end. I love all the specific details you wrote which explain exactly what the day was like for you.
    As soon as I read the first line, I knew the author was from Ireland. That is called the author’s voice and is very special. (I wonder if you know how I knew?).
    Thanks for your work.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

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