The Dream by Kyle

I was so tired…

Suddenly I was on my feet, walking through an unfamiliar town. I stumbled and tripped over what seemed to be a fake iron on the ground. My curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up. Out of nowhere, I flew directly up through the clouds at the speed of light and started floating. I was flying! I saw a glow in the distance and followed it. Once I got closer, I could tell it was heaven! I placed my hand on a gigantic marble handle on an aged oak door…

I woke up with a start and rubbed my eyes. It had all been a dream.

2 thoughts on “The Dream by Kyle”

  1. Hi Kyle!Oh my gosh! I literally loved that whole entire story! It made sense it was mysterious and best of all the ending. I thought that the ending was amazing even though it was just a dream. Also, your story made sense and it wasn’t missing any detail. I think maybe try using different synonyms to make your story sound more professional.

  2. Hi I’m Sam. I like this story because it portrays a strange dream. Do you like to go on hikes?

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