The Drawing Contest by Matthew

It was the day of the most competitive drawing contest of all.

The favourites were Louise and Smith.

Everybody was nervous especially the new comers.

The competition was held in the Empire State Building.

The rules were: you had to stay inside the lines if you didn’t you would be disqualified.

Then the bell rang now the tournament began, the colouring sheets were gave out.

The colour sheets were really small, the instructor was looking around and they saw that Louise and Smith were scribbling. The instructor was shocked.

It was not like last year the instructor thought.

3 thoughts on “The Drawing Contest by Matthew”

  1. That was a fantastic story I really liked the editing and all. But I’m still wondering what happened at the end!.

  2. Great story loved the creative elements and the story itself it’s very original and amazing and i admire how you put it together

  3. Hi. I l really like your story it really creative its not like all the ushers and really fun to read. Keep up the good work….

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